About us

With our headquarters in the German capital Berlin, we have positioned ourselves on one of Germany’s main economic flows. For years regarded as a highly respected location for quality and innovation, Germany is the strongest export economy in Europe and an economic bedrock. China, on the other hand, has established itself as the cornerstone of global trade. Its consumer base is becoming increasingly affluent and demanding and is growing rapidly at the same time – an ideal trade partner.

As a specialist in the retail sector, code-trading GmbH bridges the gap between these two markets for goods and companies. Based on our own experience, we always act in a practical and market-oriented manner.


Trade is our passion; China and Germany are equally our home. code-trading GmbH stands for success in trade between China and Germany. We focus our work entirely on our customers and clients. Bringing Chinese and Germans, suppliers and buyers, manufacturers and customers together for mutual benefit is our passion.

Our credo is: quality, good performance and reliability. We build on your trust, because trust is the foundation on which our relationship is built.





In wholesale, we offer German producers reliable sales opportunities thanks to our long-standing and trusting cooperation with a network of wholesalers from Hong Kong and mainland China. We take care of export processing, customs declaration, logistics and shipping. In this way, our Chinese customers receive quality at the highest level.


In the area of eCommerce, we make this our flagship alongside fast and secure shipping at good prices. We supply Chinese consumers with high-quality products from Germany by direct mail order via established Chinese online platforms and our own website. Our bicultural specialists serve the most diverse wishes and expectations of a wide range of consumer groups with confidence and flexibility.